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Arab Israeli identity study

This study has been realized from January to April 2017.
It was conducted through qualitative, open, confidential interviews of a very diverse sample of thirty Arab Israelis, Jewish Israelis and external people, plus a wide documentary research.

Its author was the head of a communication French agency, specialized on image and identity for Companies and collectivities.
After retiring, he arrived in Israel in 2011, and decided to apply its professional research methodology first to Israel identity, then to France/Europe identity and to Druze identity.

This study, totally independent, has an operational goal. That is to say that, as previously its studies for its customers had the obligation to produce concrete result which helped them to choose the best strategy, to improve their process and internal life, to increase their external efficiency, this Arab Israeli study has for objective to make this community to better know itself, and to improve and stabilized its position within the Israeli society.

This objective is all the more ambitious that the present identity situation of Arab Israelis, individually as well as collectively, is extremely complex. The ‘’innocence’’ of the author, newcomer, with no preview on the subject, is probably an advantage in term of objectivity and openness for fresh approach. It is probably also a disadvantage in term of in detail and in overage pre-knowledge of this situation.
That is the reason why this study is presented with a total humility, and the only hope that it will be a help for the Arab Israeli community as well as for the Israeli society.