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Bedouins identity study

This Bedouin identity study has been conducted in Israel from September 2017 to May 2018. Totally independent, it follows previous studies about Identity of Israel, Druze, Israeli Arabs.


– Another word is ‘’personality’’.
Some anthropologists or sociologists speak of ‘’the soul of a nation’’.
– It applies to what makes a person, a company, a country, specific, unique, distinct from others.
-It comes from ‘’idem’’, and defines what stay permanent through changes and time.

– Identity is not only conceptual. It is a force.
It is not static and passive, it is dynamic and active.
It is faithful to the past, it boosts the present and conducts the future.


– This study is non-academic, it is an operational one.
That means that it does not only describe the situation of the Bedouin identity in Israel but has an operational objective : to offer to the Bedouin community an objective representation of its present situation and an help and recommendation to improve it and to optimize it for the future.

– It is not quantitative, it is a qualitative study.
-it is based upon around 30 confidential, open interviews, internal and external to Bedouin community and to exams of articles, books, web site, films and videos, precedent studies.

It includes 4 successive phases: observation, interpretation, creation, application